" Today, it is not enough to just appreciate nature–we have to actively work to protect it."

Nuclear physics, chemistry, agribusiness, mineral exploration, and bioengineering threatening our biosphere

Pollution Control Department

Mrs Olabisi Shonibare
Head, Pollution Control Dept.

The pollution control department functions as stated below:


  • Investigate and resolve public complaints/disputes on air water and land pollution industrial, commercial and residential areas of Lagos State.
  • Mediate on environment al disputes between complainants and respondents.
  • Compliance monitoring to ensure abatement of pollution after intervention.
  • Organizes stakeholders’ meetings/workshops/seminars with professionals and associations on clean production practices/technologies to prevent pollution of the state’s pristine environment.
  • Constant sensitization of the public on noiseless Lagos to reduce noise prone activities within respective environment (residential, commercial and industries using noise pollution prevention techniques.
  • Enlightenment comparing on pollution prevention within the 57 local govt areas/LCDA on the state.
  • Sensitization and enforcement of the 'No-smoking' in public places law.
  • Regular review of enforcement procedures to ensure compliance for non-complying facilities and serial offenders on Air water and Land pollution in the state.
  • Represent the agency at inter-ministerial meeting on matters bordering on pollution control.