"The nation that destroys its environment destroys itself."

Nuclear physics, chemistry, agribusiness, mineral exploration, and bioengineering threatening our biosphere

Laboratory Services

Mrs Abdulwarees-Sholanke Mondupe
Director, Laboratory Services

The Laboratory Services Department is the engine room of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) and it warehouses all the data and information upon which the state of environment in Lagos State is determined. For effective management the Laboratory Services Department has been divided into seven (7) discrete units namely:

  1. Potable Water Laboratory
  2. Waste Water Laboratory
  3. Air and Noise Laboratory
  4. Sensitive (Heavy Metal) Laboratory
  5. Land and Soil Laboratory
  6. Microbiology Laboratory
  7. Toxicology Laboratory


Thus, the Laboratory Services provides the platform on which the Agency advises the State Government and all environmental stakeholders on the state of the environment and how best it can be improved. The following are a list of some of its schedules and activities:

  1. The Laboratory Services ensures the determination of effluent limitation standards, potability of water, air quality and sludge analysis report in all the industries in the state;
  2. The monitoring and analysis of packaged water (Sachet/Bottle and Dispenser) from the Packaged Water Industry is carried out to secure the safety of the masses when they consume such products;
  3. Similarly the Laboratory Services monitors the quality of water produced from all the Water Works in the State;
  4. Surface water bodies in the state i.e. Lagoons, Streams, Rivers and creeks are regularly monitored by the Laboratory Services;
  5. Underground water from wells and private boreholes in the state (special sampling to determine the quality of underground water in the 20 LG and 37LCDA’S in the state) are regularly collected, analysed and monitored;
  6. The Laboratory Services appraises the Monthly Effluent Reports from Industries in accordance with regulatory requirements;
  7. The state of Dumpsites in the state are constantly monitored to ensure that their immediate environment are not adversely impacted upon in such a way as to cause epidemic;
  8. Sewage Plants are monitored by the Agency throughout the State to ensure proper functioning of Sewage Treatment Plants;
  9. Samples for analysis are collected from public complaint sites or from private sources such as environmental consultants and project or research students for proper analysis;
  10. The Laboratory Services determines the air quality in Market areas, motor parks, industrial facilities, residential quarters etc;
  11. The Laboratory Services ensures that soil samples of degraded environments are analyzed and where necessary bio-remediated through the polluter-pay principle;
  12. Noise Levels of industrial, residential and commercial centres in the State are constantly under evaluation through Noise Level measurements by the Agency’s Laboratory Services