"The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself."

Nuclear physics, chemistry, agribusiness, mineral exploration, and bioengineering threatening our biosphere

Engineering Services

Adereti Adedayo Babatunde (Engr)
Head, Engineering Services

The Engineering Unit functions includes:


  • Study the design proposals for abatement facilities and approve same considered adequate to meet environmental standards.
  • Supervise and monitor the construction and installation of engineering abatement facilities given approval.
  • Study and evaluate the technical and engineering details of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Audit Report (EAR) and Environmental Assessment Report (EA).
  • To carry out construction and civil works on the Agency’s projects and render building maintenance.
  • Provide engineering consultancy services and advise the Agency and public on matters affecting the Agency and public accordingly.
  • To render technical reports during commissioning of technical installations.
  • To supervise the maintenance of all Agency’s mechanical and electrical installations (e.g. motor vehicles, generating set etc.)
  • Conduct Assessment Report on companies applying to the Agency for assessment of its facilities.