Air quality assessment team carrying out sample test at various locations in Lagos State

LASEPA conducting Environmental tests at Ogba Junior Secondary School, Lagos

LASEPA Ministerial Functions

  1. Advising the State Government on all environmental management policies.
  2. Giving direction to the affairs of the Agency on all environmental matters.
  3. Preparing periodic Master plan to enhance capacity building of the agency and for the development and natural resources management.
  4. Carrying out public enlightenment and educating the general public on sound methods of environmental sanitation and management.
  5. Carrying out appropriate test on insecticides, herbicides and other agricutural chemicals
  6. Monitoring and controlling disposal of solids, gaseous and liquid wastes generated by both government operations.
  7. Setting, monitoring and enforcing standards and guidelines on vehicular emission.
  8. Surveying ad monitoring surface underground and potable water, air land and soil environments in the state to determine pollution level in them and collect baseline data.
  9. Promoting co- operation in environmental science and technologies with similar bodies in other countries international bodies connected with the protection of the environment; and
  10. Cooperating with the federal, state and local Governments, statutory Bodies and Research Agencies on matters and facilities relating to environmental protection.