"The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself."

Nuclear physics, chemistry, agribusiness, mineral exploration, and bioengineering threatening our biosphere

Ecology and Conservation Department

Mr Omotosho Ebenezer Olayinka.
Head, Ecology & Conservation

The department is divided into three (3) namely:

  1. Soil Control
  2. Flood Control and
  3. Coastal Zones Management


  • Surveillance and monitoring of Ecological activities within the State.
  • Organization and coordination of annual Industrial Tree Planting exercise in the State.
  • Greening and Beautification of industrial facilities.
  • Data assessment of Wetland areas in State.
  • Data assessment of Conservation centers within the State.
  • Management and conservation of Wetlands in the State.
  • Sensitization on erosion and flooding in the State.
  • Advocacy on wildlife conservation
  • Collaboration and cooperation of relevant Stakeholders (Local and International) in conservation e.g. WWF(World Wildlife Fund), Omu Resorts e.t.c
  • Identification of indigenous plants, endangered animal species and protected areas within the State.
  • Monitoring of activities of zoological gardens.
  • Participating in celebration of environmental events such as World Wetland Day, World Environment Day, World Conservation Day, World Habitat Day on set aside days