"The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself."

Nuclear physics, chemistry, agribusiness, mineral exploration, and bioengineering threatening our biosphere

Compliance and Monitoring Unit

Mrs Abdulwarees Sholanke
Director, Compliance Unit

The main thrust of the compliance monitoring unit is to assist organizations and facilities to meet up with regulatory standards, especially in cases which the Agency has discovered lapses. The other schedule of duty of the Compliance Monitoring Unit includes the following:


  • Coordinating the activities of the unit and reporting directly to the General Manager/CEO, LASEPA;
  • Receiving reports and feedbacks from other units and departments in the Agency on organizations or facilities who have failed to meet up with environmental standards;
  • Earmarking companies that have outstanding environmental issues;
  • Designing and supervising baseline studies on compliance monitoring exercise;
  • Formulating standards for compliance status
  • Other ad hoc assignments as directed by the Agency