"The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself."

Nuclear physics, chemistry, agribusiness, mineral exploration, and bioengineering threatening our biosphere

Monitoring and Billing

Mrs Olanrewaju, Suwebat Tolulope
Head, Monitoring and Billing Unit

As the name implies, the unit is saddled with the responsibility of sending harmonized bills (which include Laboratory charges, Chemical Storage Permit Fees and Petroleum Storage Permit Fees) as well as being the gateway of the Agency to all manufacturing premises that operate in Lagos State. Some of its responsibilities are as follows:


  • Industrial Monitoring and coordinating of Agency team to various facilties to ascertain their activities and impact in the environment;
  • Envronmental Monitoring of manufacturing facilities in Lagos State and controlling all forms of environmental degradation within the State to ensure compliance to State's environmental laws and guidelines;
  • Report Writing on industries visited and incorporation of their compliance status into the State's environmental database;
  • Regular updating of companies' directory to ensure adequate industrial monitoring in view of enhancing the scope of the Agency;
  • Issuing of single harmonized bills (Chemical Storage Permit, Petroleum Storage Permit, Laboratory Analysis bills etc) for the Agency;
  • Environmental Assessement and issuing of abatement notices to control all forms of environmental pollution;
  • Categorization of industrial facilities in the State according to environmental compliance status so as to encourage voluntary compliance;
  • Review of Agency policies and programs on the environment;