Dr Babatunde S . Adejare
Commissioner for Environment

Life’s most persistent question which was asked by the famous Martin Lurther King Jnr is ‘what have you done for others’. In Africa one cannot easily do away with the thinking that anyone born into a society and has the privilege of surviving childhood should endeavour to have a good view of how the environment he or she was born into, look like.

This is with a view to leaving it better than the way he or she met it. One Nigerian who appears fit into the above is a renowned medical practitioner and legislator per excellence,
Hon. Dr. Samuel Babatunde Adejare, the honourable member representing Agege Federal constituency of Lagos state in the House of Representatives. Hon. Adejare (SABACO) as he is fondly called by his people carved a niche for himself starting from his days at the Lagos state House of Assembly where he held sway as the chairman, house committee on health for eight uninterrupted years.

The fruits of his stewardship went far beyond his constituency to several parts of the state through so many people oriented programmes that characterized the period. They are so visible and infectious for generations yet unborn to continue to tap from.

Right from his election into the Lagos State house of assembly in 2003, Hon. Dr. Samuel Babatunde Adejare has demonstrated passion and commitment for excellence in his legislative duties and assignments in Lagos State and the federation. His dogged pursuit for modern and advanced health care system as a legislator led to improved health care system as it’s now visible in Lagos state. He has equally carried the same zeal and vigour to the federal legislative arena.’ He now sit as the Honourable Commissioner for the Environment in Lagos state.

Born on 9th of June 1961, Hon. Adejare was the former Lagos state caucus leader in the House of Representatives. He obtained his first school leaving certificate FSLC from St Paul’s primary school Ebute-meta Lagos, after which he proceeded to the famous St Anthony‘s Grammar school Esure ijebu-Mushin (1974-1980), from where he obtained his West African School Certificate (WASC). He was the senior prefect of the school. He attended International School, University of Ibadan for his higher school Certificate (HSC) programme. He thereafter went to the University of Ilorin (1983-1988) and graduated with MBBS before crowning it up with a master degree in public health from the Lagos state university.

A man with a humane heart, Dr Adejare not minding the challenges and hinderances that reared their heads doggedly pursued medicine as a profession and was able to come out of medical school in flying colours. This achievement, coupled with his natural qualities endeared him to the people and paved way for his enduring political career.

A seasoned and experienced parliamentarian, Hon. Adejare attended courses, seminars, conferences and lectures in various fields of human endeavours with special interest in capacity building in legislative duties both within and outside the country.

Dr. Adejare appears to have taken keen interest in the medical welfare of members of his constituency probably as a result of his background as an experienced medical practitioner. To this end, he has put in place one of the biggest non-government organized annual free and comprehensive medical care for his people. This has been in the form of screening, treatment and distribution of drugs and eye glasses to several members of Agege community and environs. The education sector and other areas are not left out in his patriotic programmes, and as such his inputs in other fields are quite visible as well. He has provided scholarship to many indigent students within the Agege federal constituency in addition to provision of free GCE forms and free coaching classes annually that have really helped the teaming youth of Agege.

Dr. Adejare places high premium in the things of God, little wonder his political campaign group’s (SABACO) slogan is ‘In God we trust’ His passion for the things of the Kingdom led to his ordination several years ago ,first as a deacon and then as an Elder of Decross Gospel Mission. In his quest for one on one intimacy with God he had gone on a holy pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

This legislator per excellence parades various degrees of recognitions and awards within his profession, political sphere, community, religious environment and most especially his constituency. He is a recipient of merit award by the Association of General and private medical practitioners of Nigeria as well as the Nigerian medical association. A distinguished member of the Elders Forum of the Nigerian medical Association, who has been honoured by various organizations in Lagos state and beyond. He was honoured by various organizations within Agege including Christian Association of Nigeria Orile Agege with the award of meritorious leadership excellence and the Isale Odan CDA orile –Agege award as the 2012 pillar of community development among other numerous awards. Hon. Adejare was appointed and commissioned a Tennessee ambassador of goodwill in the state of Tennessee in the United state of America.

A husband of one wife, Dr. Adejare is married to barrister Oyin Adejare, they are blessed with wonderful children.

Today, just like all other patriotic citizens of the world, his political perceptiveness is not defined by the Machiavellian approach, but rather through his transformational leadership qualities. The way and manner he touches lives is what really stands him out